The Cadillac Experience
Enjoy The Ride – An immersive experience that stimulates all the senses for all ages; Great Food, Great Drinks, Great Music, Great Ambiance, & Great Service – all at a reasonable price.

Hyper Fresh, Locally Sourced
The Concept – Owner Joe Montes used his experience in Mexico City to develop “The Red Cadillac – Tacos & Tequila” concept. Simple, affordable, comfort foods, prepared hyper-fresh with locally sourced produce.

In-House Infused Tequila
One of a Kind – All of our Infused Tequilas are created through a handcrafted process, a Montes Family recipe. With 10 to 15 Infused Tequilas always available, we offer a one-of-a-kind beverage experience.

Great Atmosphere
Industry Experience – Husband & wife team, Joe & Jamey Montes, started The Red Cadillac with the goal of creating a destination that we ourselves would want to frequent, but couldn’t find locally. Join Us please!

Joseph Montes
Chef, Restauranteur – Joe is a Restauranteur with 30+ years of industry experience, including Houston, Mexico City, and New York City. He is responsible for everything you Eat and Drink at The Red Cadillac.

Jamey Montes
Artist, Designer – Jamey is a versatile woman of style, and mother of three. She designs Restaurant Interiors, Jewelry, Sculpture, and Clothing. She is responsible for everything you See and Hear at The Red Cadillac.


Jolie Montes
Jolie graduated from Monmouth University in 2017 and has developed a passion for the hospitality industry throughout years of working alongside her family . She has taken on a management and marketing position at The Red Cadillac. At the same time Jolie is leading the launch of a Red Cadillac Infused Tequila line which is coming to shelves near you soon!


Our Community

Thank You For The Support
We Appreciate It – We started The Red Cadillac as a small Family. With the help we received from our extended Family of staff, supporters, & customers The Red Cadillac grew, quickly. And from the very beginning, we embraced our largest potential Family of all, Social Media. The reception we received was heartwarming and game-changing.


Building A Bigger Family
Moving Forward – We strongly believe in Social Responsibility, that meaningful involvement with our Community is essential. If you can contribute and feel the same way, please contact us. Let’s build a bigger Family.


Time To Give Back
Charitable Work – The Red Cadillac sees thousands of people a week, and we are uniquely postioned to help the community. From charitable Christmas Toy Drives, to being a Community Center during Hurricane Sandy, we take our role seriously.